Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What a crazy weekend!

It started off pretty good - I finished 5 new pieces of jewelry and took them for a test drive (I always wear a new creation, at least around the house to work out the bugs.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! - And yes, I clean the earrings with alcohol before I sell them!)

necklace and earrings from a wooden chess set, vintage sterling silver hand-made beads and [ReDeemed] teardrop shaped glass beads that once went to a ball as the handle on an evening bag
I got so many compliments on this one and the other styles (dice and Scrabble Sentance Cubes - have you ever heard of that game?  No?  me neither!), that I was floating high!

We went to a "garage sale" for my husband's company.  They just moved into Downtown Dallas where they didn't need all the furniture and artwork from their previous space.  I scored 2 chairs for my living room, a great vintage framed print for the family room and 2 large lateral file cabinets to (try to) organize my studio!

My amazing hubby loaded it all into the van (along with both of us and 2 of the kids), tied the chairs to the top and we headed home, elated with our bargains!

ENTER ANTAGONIST: Railroad tracks

No, not a train - just humble little tracks.  The thing is, they didn't play nice with the bungee cords holding the back of the van shut.  Up went the hatch, down came the hatch, shatter went the window!  EEEKKK - all we could do is laugh (thank God for a healthy sense of humor - otherwise we'd all be six feet under!)

(see my great chairs on top? 20 bucks each!)

here's wonderful hubby cleaning up the glass, I quit after I cut my hand

the baby found my "ouch" very entertaining, as my oldest relished the opportunity to use the alcohol wipe on me for a change!  (I really don't think that it needed to be cleaned FOUR times!)

My hubby and oldest kept speculating on what I would [ReDeem] the bits of glass into.  I appreciate their confidence in me, but I threw it all away anyhow!

We finally got it home and unloaded, taped up the window and went to Third Monday Trade Days.  We live only 20 minutes away but have never been, so I wanted to check it out to see if it would be an option for my business.  WHOA, 1 hour was not enough!  I wandered in a daze, there was so much to look at!  I want to go back in December (18-19-20) at least to shop (anyone wanna come with?)

From there, we went and bought hubby a new car, then went for a moonlight picnic under the stars (it was freezing to me, it was a short picnic!)  After a great Sunday service at The Crossing, hubby drove to meet Nana to pick up our daughter, taking all the kids with him so I could have... (insert music) STUDIO TIME!

I finished 6 pieces of jewelry, 1 commissioned art piece and 3 other pieces of artwork for my show this weekend and a new design that has been rolling around in my head:

"Love Heals Surely" (sm) available at Zazzle on just about anything!  My retort to "love kills slowly"!

Then turned to the sewing station to work on my newest item: [ReDeemed] spa masks (reclaimed linen filled with organic flax seed and dried lavendar buds, in a removable reclaimed silk cover - nope, no pics yet, I have to put them on FB first, I promised!)  Well, I broke my serger! 

Bummed, I turned to the computer and worked on my website, my Zazzle, my blog and my customer list. 

It all turned up today though - I met an old friend for lunch and she brought me some neat things to [ReDeem], I got an order for a gift certificate and a commission for a piece of jewelry.  But the best of all?  The temp dropped below 50, sparking our tradition of the first fire in the fireplace!  We celebrated with a fireside picnic (2 picnics in one weekend!)

As you can tell, things got a little crazy!  But that's ok - that's the kind of crazy I'll take any day!

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