Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Introducing the Wonder Woman Collection by Jamberry!

Wonder Women Collection by Jamberry Wrap Giveaway!

I always encourage women to be the best version of themselves.  To me, this means embracing what I'm good at, and letting go of those things I'll never be good at.  I spent many years trying desperately to be the very best housekeeper, homeschool mom and housewife.  In fact, many of those lessons and struggles are captured in the archives of this blog!

me at age 3, in a costume made by my mom
What I've discovered more recently, is that I have many other things that I'm good at!  I am an encourager, I'm insightful, I'm really good at attraction marketing and sales.  I love to train, teach and speak.  I'm sought after as a mentor and educator.  I have a genuine connection with each of my children, I listen to them and they are each amazing people.  I can use my gifts to help shape them.  It's OK that my toilet doesn't sparkle.  It's totally fine that I'm not a gourmet cook.  I know what I'm good at, and I know my limitations, and I'm OK with both.  I think that makes me Wonder Woman.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Back in the saddle

Perhaps you've heard the adage "Get back in the saddle".  It's typically used to tell you to keep trying, not to give up because you failed or "fell off the horse".

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 2017 Nail Style Guide

What's hot right now!

Spring 2017 is in full swing.  Pastel colors are still hot, but jewel tones are popping up everywhere too.  Ombres are still in the mix, but floral prints are the Queen this season.  Paired with a bold geometric or stripe, and you have a perfect look for festival or vacation.

Check out the top 20 amazing nail art designs, shopping links are at the bottom!
Flowers, polkas, and stripes, oh my! It's hard not to look on the 'Bright Side' with this bright and playful mixed-mani at your fingertips. #BrightSideJN

Don't stop - there's lots more good stuff...

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