Saturday, December 25, 2010

Noel's picks

This Christmas has been anything but typical!  We celebrated and exchanged gifts on December 22nd.  My husband went into the hospital for a planned surgery on the 23rd (at 5:30 AM!).  We were supposed to be home by now, but here I sit!

I've been blessed to have both of our families in town loving on the kids, so I've been able to stay here at the hospital to help take care of him and talk with the doctors and nurses.  He's been getting quite a bit of rest, so I've had plenty of "down time".  I'm so glad I brought my laptop, but after all the crafty browsing I've done, I wish I'd brought my sewing machine too!

I've been posting links and pics to my (personal) Facebook page all day, and I thought I'd share a few of them here as well!  I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.  I'll be "off radar" for a while, as Aaron Thomas Giger (our fifth child!) will be joining us on or before December 30th!

So, here are the picks of my day of surfing!
Insect Finger Puppet

Hip Hip Hooray for the Holidays

Lotus Flower Tutorial
Bath Apron Tutorial

Free Diaper Bag Tutorial
 Recipe for Coconut Breaded Chicken
(my 12 year-old's favorite food!)

Patchfolio from CraftApple - love the fabric!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SAT/ACT Vouchers Available for Home School Students

Home-schooled students in grade 11 are eligible for *ONE *college entrance examination at the state's expense as part of the TCPP [Texas College Preparation Program]. Vouchers for home-schooled students will be distributed directly by the TEA. Students and/or parents can request a voucher by e-mailing the TEA

and putting "Home School Voucher Request" as the subject line. Vouchers will be distributed to home-schooled students on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning in early January, 2011.

For further information, you can visit the TEA's website.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Some giveaways you should visit :)

Home Grown Families is doing a HUGE Christmas Giveaway!

Ending today:

Ending Soon!

Raising Homemakers is gving away an Audio Book series:

10 Million Miles is giving away 2 great books (great for Homeschool or Christmas gifts!)

Good Luck!

Don't stop - there's lots more good stuff...

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