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Sweatshirt hoody
$42 -

Converse flip flops
$50 -

c. 1994: the college years

c. 1994: the college years

A P C top
$180 -

Biba fringe vest
£60 -

Drawstring backpack
$80 -

Cross body handbag
$25 -

Emily Armenta cross ring
$6,400 -

Soixante Neuf engraved ring
$295 -

Cubic zirconia ring
$175 -

Cameo ring
$12 -

Beret hat
£65 -

Adjust Your Silver Sails

$149 -

$179 -

Nine West round toe shoes
$79 -

Nine West fringe bag
$69 -

Nine West nickel free jewelry
$14 -

Nine West nickel free earrings
$24 -

Free Personalized Elmo Song With Your Child's Name!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Urgent News Release: Where Have All The Pallets Gone?

The United Pallet Authority has issued an alert that there is a shortage of wooden shipping pallets.  The pallets, which are generally used as a base for delivery items, are in short supply.

"Ten years ago, you'd see them everywhere.  They were in dumpsters, alleys - just look behind any building, you know" stated one official who wishes to remain anonymous.  He even said that he had recently seen pallets strapped to the top of minivans and in the back of pick up trucks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Polyvore words and pictures

I've recently discovered Polyvore.  As I've been working on boards, I've discovered that I can't always get what I want, so in some instances, I'm creating it and putting it here.  Feel free to use anything here for your own personal, non-commercial purposes.
Light Pink Floral Jamberry Nail Shield $15.00 
Black and White Paisley Jamberry Nail Shield $15.00

Silver and White Fishnet Jamberry Nail Shield $15.00


I must remember.  I must remember to give thanks.  In all things.
Source: via Noel on Pinterest

There are people all over the world, probably in my neighborhood, that would love to have my "problems".  

Right now
there is a woman begging God for children
how can I complain about my four?

Right now
there is a father grieving his teenaged son
how can I complain about resistance to chores?

Right now
there is a family hoping that it doesn't rain and make their dirt floor muddy
how can I complain that half of my house is down to concrete?

Right now
there are people fighting cancer
how can I complain about my treatable condition?

Right now
there are people sleeping on a curb
how can I complain that my house is too big to keep clean?

Right now
there is a child wishing he could hear his mother's voice
how can I complain about the mysterious sound that I can't locate?

Right now
there are mothers watching their children starve to death
how can I complain about the boring food in my pantry?

Oh God - help me to remember how blessed I am!  
Help me to consider those less fortunate before I open my mouth to complain!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Undercover Mama Plum District DEAL $13.50 or $8.50 SHIPPED

Today ONLY!

Have you discovered Undercover Mama? Just slip the tank on and attach it to your nursing bra, and then your sides will stay covered as you nurse.

To take advantage of this deal:

1. Go To Plum District and create an account if you don't have one already.  If you don't have one, using the link I provided will get you a $5.00 gift certificate that you can use on your first purchase.

2. Look for Kansas City (the deal is online so it's good anywhere, it's just not listed under the everywhere section).

3. Add the voucher to your cart.

4. Use the discount code: visa10 to save an extra 10%, bringing your total down to $13.50.

Your voucher code will be available in your account at plum district, and then you just enter that at the checkout area of Undercover Mama. If you purchase just one tank ($24.50)  then the voucher covers the shipping ($3.00) also!  Or, buy 2 tanks and get free shipping.

And don't forget to enter to WIN a free Pambra's Bra Liner!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Completely Free Scarf & Free Shipping too!

Sign up for SneakPeeq today and get $10 shopping credit and a free scarf, with free shipping too!  Completely free!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Product Review: Pambra Bra Liners & GIVEAWAY!

I was so excited to learn about Pambra's Bra Liners.  I am, ah hem, well endowed, and have worn a bra forever.  Well - since I was about 11.  I was a teen when I started wearing under-wires, and I've never been able to switch back.  I love the support that I get from my under-wires (not to mention the extra va-va-voom for the girls - the higher they are, the more attention is drawn away from post-6 pregnancies belly!)

Monday, February 13, 2012

That's a Wrap! (affordable and beautiful gift wrap) - Gift Boxes

But first - be sure to stop by tomorrow for a review and giveaway!

A while back, in an effort to simplify, I gave away all my wrapping paper.  You would think this has made me less creative, but in reality - I like my gift-wrapping much better now!

I kept 3 rolls: brown kraft paper, red zebra and black and white houndstooth.  I've really enjoyed making those  wraps stretch over so many occasions!  Here are a few picks from my Pinterest inspiration board:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

That's a Wrap! (affordable and beautiful gift wrap) - Gift Bags

When you give a gift, presentation can be as important as the gift itself.  You've taken care to select something personal - you found just the thing!  Don't just stick it in any old gift bag!

Whether you make it yourself or select a custom bag - always think about the gift and the recipient.  I recommend that you keep the following on-hand:

brown or white paper shopping bags
I personally prefer the brown :)

With a little imagination, you can turn that plain bag into one of these:

Source: via Noel on Pinterest

Or - you could get really crafty and make your own bags, like these beauties:

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Does it matter who you are friends with?

In my opinion, we have to guard our marriage from outside influence much the way we guard our children:  We are careful about who they interact with, never leave them unattended and always affirm and care for them.  We don't do this to control them, but to protect them.

Monday, February 6, 2012

How to get your husband to do more around the house

First, make sure that you appreciate him for what he does do, even if it's "his job". When he takes out the trash, say thank you (even if it's the third time you've reminded him) Don't nag. You can remind him, but do it in a loving way (i.e. Honey, tomorrow is trash day, would you mind putting the garbage cans out tonight. Next day: Babe, today is trash day, could you please set the trash out for me? Later: Sweetie, did you remember to take the trash out, I know you're busy so I just thought I'd remind you.)

Don't stop - there's lots more good stuff...

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