Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Alone #Owling

I can't believe that Momma forgot about me on Sunday!  I know she was way busy, working in the Nursery at The Crossing Church, attending a meeting for parents of Down's Syndrome babies with the Dallas Down's Syndrome Guild and attending Brandy's Premier Designs Mystery Hostess party - but hey!  I was a little lonely!

I finished my masterpiece - what do you think?

I had a Coke (and a smile)

I shivered me timbers

I took a nap

I caught up on some genealogy

I hunted some big game

And I played dress up too!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goldie's Weekend

I had a busy weekend with Momma and the kids.  It all started Friday night.  We went to a party over at Erica's place.  She's home for the summer from the Czech Republic.  Her friends are great!  Except for this guy:
He kept using these lines like "there's room at the hen house for a big girl like you" and "you light up my life baby".  Ugh, what a pig - I mean, well - you know.

There was also this bunny named Fluffy Cottontail
she kept going on and on about how this pool was nothing compared to the last party at "The Mansion".  She was kinda snobby!
I had lots of deviled eggs - that's not weird.  Is it?
We decided to stop by McDonald's on the way home fro ice cream - Martin wanted a picture with me - how can I refuse a fan?
I finally got a little shut eye before Momma woke me up early to go networking.
I thought this might be an athletic event, or involve arachnids (not my favorite!) but it was just a bunch of nice ladies talking about helping each other with their businesses.
When we came here, I thought we were going to get to go somewhere really exotic, like Fiji, or The Big Apple!  It was only a Camp Sol meeting, but I met lots of nice people!
Then we went to game night with some friends - Momma thought this was funny:
Not cool.

I'm gonna save what I did today for tomorrow's post.  Momma LEFT ME HOME ALONE!  I don't want her to see the pics yet - I was kinda crazy!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet Goldie...

We have welcomed a new addition!  That's right, our family has grown again:
Goldie is a white porcelain and metal owl.  She's brand-new!  Since we can't leave her all alone, she's traveling with us everywhere we go.  I'll be updating my new Gold Canyon Fan Page with her visits!  Note, she's a little miffed at the owling craze!

Goldie has several brothers and sisters waiting to be adopted.

If you have room in your heart, please help today!

Goldie holds a 5 oz. Heritage Candle (available separately)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Worst Fundraiser Ever...

What is the worst fundraiser that you've ever done, or been asked to support?

I can remember so many that we've done!
I remember my pitch for the "Slave Auction" for my youth group fundraiser "I can clean windows streak-free!"  I got "bought" and actually had to work.  Many of my friends got "bought" and taken out for ice cream!  LOL

And then there was the time we did a "free car wash" (donations accepted) where several people took us at our word, let us wash their car - and drove away!

Oh - I remember when I was a kid we did a chocolate fundraiser.  My little brother ate several of the bars and we had to pay for them!  (At least we got to keep the Pizza coupons that were inside the wrapper!)

We had pretty good success with selling frozen pies, they are yummy!  The only problem is delivery!  You have to get it to them still frozen, or have a place to store it!  And then hope that no one steals your pies out of the freezer at work.  Or church.  True story :(

The worst we've been asked to purchase was a school selling these GIGANTIC 64 oz thermal mugs with sports team logos on them.  Um. No.  Thanks!  Good Luck with your next 10 houses!

Same goes for those magazine subscriptions - Uh let me see.  $40 from you for 2 and a half years of one magazine, or $6 a year online?  Wow, that's a tough decision!
There was a year that I bought some cute wrapping paper from some kids at church, then had to threaten my family within an inch of their lives if they came close to it or used it!  That stuff was expensive, I reserved it for the finest gifts only!

Anyway - I'm excited about becoming a Certified Fundraiser Specialist with Gold Canyon - and I'm working on my "pitch" to organizations that want to raise money.

Our fundraisers generate a profit of 38-40%, up to $8.80 per candle sold.  That's like selling 14 candy bars!
I'd love to hear your fundraiser memories (OK, I really want your horror stories!)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Foster a Candle...

A fellow Gold Canyon Fragrance Consultant has created a clever way to introduce people to Gold Canyon's wonderful products!  It's called the Traveling Candle.

I recently added this to my business and the response so far has been very positive!

Here is a picture of my Traveling Candle:

I have a fabric-lined willow basket that fits perfectly inside a reusable grocery tote (mine is from Gold Canyon's Homeology line). I decorated it with a pearl MagnaCharm, and inside is:

  • 16 oz Clean Sheets Heritage Candle (was a Ginger Lime Bella in the picture)
  • 19 oz Cherry Pie Baking Line Candle
  • 3 oz sample Homeology Rosemary Mint All-Purpose Cleaner
  • 3 oz Fresh Orange Room Spray
  • Wick Trimmer
  • Wick Dipper
  • Catalog
  • Traveling Journal
The Traveling Journal has a quick primer on how to use each product, how to order, host a party or join. The last pages are the Journal, where each person fills in their information and comments, and their interest level (1-10) in hosting a party.  All I ask is that each person who takes it home fills out the journal :)

Coming next week: The Wandering Warmer (my own variation!) with a ScentPod Warmer and several ScentPods!

If you would like to foster my Traveling Candle or Wandering Warmer in your office, please contact me to make a reservation!


What is five years?

When I was five, it was irrelevant.  Time has no significance for the young.
When I was ten, it was forever. I couldn't wait to be a teenager and all grown up.

When I was twenty, it was a novelty.  I planned for great things.
When I was twenty-five, it was a sentence.  I was too close to thirty.

In five years you can earn a Bachelors degree.  In five years you can master a new language.  You can pay off debt or save up a small fortune.

When my oldest child turned five, we rejoiced, at Disney World!
When our second child turned five, we celebrated, a new bicycle was in order!

Where will you be in five years?  What is your five-year plan?  Do you have a five-year term on your auto loan?  Five is a good, solid number.  Not so close as to be scary, not so far as to be imaginary.

Today my third child turns five.  Only he isn't here to celebrate.  I am hard-pressed to rejoice.  This did not fit into my five-year plan.  My debt of grief will never be satisfied.

In three weeks other parents will be packing up their kinder-gardeners and crying over their first day of school.  I'd love to have that cry.  I don't get to pick between Cars and Toy Story backpacks.  I don't get to pack an encouraging note with his first school lunch.

What I have for my five years is a badge of honor.  I am a bereaved mother, who lived to tell her story.  I am a mom to Five children, one of whom lives with my Father.  I have an advanced degree in grief survival, a master's in living for the moment.  I have learned a new language of compassion, the art of listening to what is felt, not what is said.  Of looking past the facade and seeing the heart.  I have something stored up in Heaven, a little deposit on eternity.

I have learned to love with abandon.  I have learned to live without regret.

Happy Birthday Ian - you are forever loved. ~*~*~*~

Don't stop - there's lots more good stuff...

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