Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Foster a Candle...

A fellow Gold Canyon Fragrance Consultant has created a clever way to introduce people to Gold Canyon's wonderful products!  It's called the Traveling Candle.

I recently added this to my business and the response so far has been very positive!

Here is a picture of my Traveling Candle:

I have a fabric-lined willow basket that fits perfectly inside a reusable grocery tote (mine is from Gold Canyon's Homeology line). I decorated it with a pearl MagnaCharm, and inside is:

  • 16 oz Clean Sheets Heritage Candle (was a Ginger Lime Bella in the picture)
  • 19 oz Cherry Pie Baking Line Candle
  • 3 oz sample Homeology Rosemary Mint All-Purpose Cleaner
  • 3 oz Fresh Orange Room Spray
  • Wick Trimmer
  • Wick Dipper
  • Catalog
  • Traveling Journal
The Traveling Journal has a quick primer on how to use each product, how to order, host a party or join. The last pages are the Journal, where each person fills in their information and comments, and their interest level (1-10) in hosting a party.  All I ask is that each person who takes it home fills out the journal :)

Coming next week: The Wandering Warmer (my own variation!) with a ScentPod Warmer and several ScentPods!

If you would like to foster my Traveling Candle or Wandering Warmer in your office, please contact me to make a reservation!

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