Monday, May 16, 2011

Ups and Down's (Syndrome that is!)

I can't believe that Aaron is nearly 5 months old already!  My how time flies when you can't tell night from day and are running on too little sleep are having fun!

I just thought I'd update you on Aaron's progress.  It's fantastic!  Our pediatrician even said if she had not seen the test results herself, she would not believe he has Down's Syndrome.  He is hitting every major "typical infant" milestone.  He's sleeping through the night, rolling over, reaching for toys, vocalizing...  So much more than I ever expected!  Thank you for your prayers, and thanks be to God!

Here are some of my favorite pics:
"My 2 year old brother wakes me up.  A Lot!"

"Is it time to eat yet?  Pretty Please!?!"

"Mommy's so silly!"


"Yo!  What up?  I got bathed!"

"My favorite spot, right next to mommy's heart!"
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