Friday, May 20, 2011

31 Days to Clean Challenge: Day 5

I'm excited to be participating in the 31 Days to Clean Challenge over at Joyful Mothering.  You can get a copy of the e-book on Amazon
(just click on the picture on the left!)  I'm WAY behind, but I'm not stressing about it!

Today talked about priorities.  I thought I'd take a look back at the priorities I identified nearly a year ago and see how they've changed.  She also suggests rating them on a scale of 1 (needs work) - 5 (doing good) to track your progress.

1. Spiritual Life
   a. Daily walk (no change) -3
   b. Church attendance (no change) -4

2. Family Life  
   a. Husband - date nights, evening time -3
             b. Family Meal time (was "a") -3
   c. Home-keeping -3
 3. Homeschool/Education
   a. Maintain an educational atmosphere (no change) -4
   b. Be consistent with chosen curriculum (moved to an unschooling/minimalist approach)
   c. Karate classes (no change) -4
   d. Piano lessons for Jordan (at home) (no change) -2

4. Church
   a. Volunteering (Worship team, etc) (no change) -3
   b. Activities (no change) -5

5. Community
   a. Business events
   b. Karate Demos/events
   c. Cultural Arts Council
   d. CampSol volunteer-ism -3

I really like the way that she wrote a mission statement and action plan for each one.  I would love to do that!

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