Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LRH: Encouragement for the minimalist approach

I'm so glad that I was shown this post by "That Mom"!

If you've been following our homeschool journey, then you know that I've wavered between curriculum and unschooling.  You probably don't know (because I haven't blogged it!) that we've also strongly considered sending the big kids back to traditional school.  A charter school, but still formal education.

I don't want to send them back to school, it contradicts all that I've come to believe about how children learn!  I do have a (long) way to go towards gaining some semblance of control over my home.  I've been working on this through the 31 Days to Clean Challenge.

Here is my favorite part of That Mom's post (emphasis mine):
4. What is the goal of a real education? One of the common concerns often expressed to us over the years about homeschooling is whether or not we could possibly teach our children everything. My answer is always “no” followed by the correct observation that there is no teacher or institution or family who could possibly teach everything. And it shouldn’t even be a goal!  The vast amount of information, especially technological information, that is generated increases exponentially each year.  Rather than worrying about knowing it all, our goal as homeschoolers ought to be to raise and become, ourselves, lifelong learners.  This is accomplished first by providing an environment rich in life experiences and then giving our children an introduction to ideas and concepts outside of those experiences.  By teaching and training in research skills and not uploading them with information and allowing them plenty of space to study things they are curious about (delight centered learning), we have given them the tools to be successful no matter where the Lord leads them.

I'm thankful for this encouragement and affirmation that we are still on the right path!


  1. Thanks Noel-I have beat myself up over Alyssa homeschooling this year-that we have had toooo many "free days" that she hasn't learned enough, that she isn't on target. All those things. Then I have to stop and say by who's standards? Alyssa isn't a " norma;" learner and she has a difficult time with school. She may never be college material and yet God knew that when He created her and He has a plan for her life. It was and still is the right decision for her and I am glad we did it and will continue to do so.
    Thanks for posting this. Hope you have great day.

  2. Opps, meant "normal" should have proof read this first. lol Yes, we homeschool! lol

  3. Hang in there Noel, I struggle getting my house in order and taking care of 4 kids as well as homeschooling. It is not an easy task. I would say this last year was especially hard because I had a new baby. He is 11 months old now and it has gotten a little bit easier. I used "my father's world" curriculum this year for homeschooling and I loved it because I didn't have to prepare much at all. They do all the work for you. I really struggled with homeschooling and messed around with different curriculum and since I have found this one we are having a much easier time of it.

    If you know that this is what God wants for you and your children then he will give you the tools to make it work!! Just have faith and don't sweat the small stuff. That is what i have been slowly learning. It is ok if you don't do things the way everyone else does them. God made you the way you are so that you could do things the way YOU do them and not everyone else.

    Mary Cirligel


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