Thursday, March 1, 2012

I want a FREE sample of Jamberry Nail Shields!

Shhhh.... The offer below was so popular, I had to take it down!  It was shared on several (25+) freebie and coupon sites, which resulted in over 9,000 requests!  YIKES!  I want to help you love Jamberry, and if you are truly interested in trying the product and/or signing up for the business opportunity, please click here to sign up for my monthly(ish) newsletter and while you are there, you can request a free sample!

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  1. These things are great. New follower here. You can follow back at

  2. Hello! I've been reading quite a few reviews on Jamberry nails, and I would LOVE to get a free sample, if they're still available! How do I go about getting said free sample? :) Thank you! Looking forward to hearing back from you!

  3. Hi Janelle! Thanks for stopping by :) You can sign up for my monthly(ish) newsletter here: and while you are at it, request a free sample of Jamberry Nails :)


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