Monday, March 12, 2012

$$$$ help Riley Lamphear raise some $$$$

A little girl named Riley is so very sick. Her best hope is a trip to Boston for specialized care. Please read on and help as you are able!

Riley has suffered terribly with a disease called PEPD, a pain disorder that is a daily struggle. It is extremely rare. Riley has an opportunity to see a doctor in Boston, Massachussetts. They live in Charlotte, North Carolina. This trip is important, but the funds are not there yet.

I am asking all of us to give thanks for our healthy families through GIVING to help her. How many of us ate lunch at a restaurant today with our families? How many of us give in and buy a toy in line at the grocery store? We are so blessed. I am asking all of us to step up, for someone who would never ask for help.

So - how can you help?

  1. Please go to Riley's Caring Bridge site and see their story. 
  2. Then, go to Jennifer's Website and donate what you can. 
  3. Then, pass this to any friends that may also want to participate. Let's try to get this done THIS WEEK. Their trip is April 24th, but let's lighten this load NOW. 

I am also hosting a Jamberry Nails Fundraiser to help the family.  If you would like to make a purchase for yourself, as a gift or even to add to Easter baskets - you can shop and help Riley at the same time!

Click: Buy Jamberry
Shop: for your favorites; over 150 to choose from!
Save: get a free set of Jamberry Nail shields for every 3 you purchase, plus FREE shipping!
Party: make sure you click "yes" when asked if your order is associated with a party
Help: choose $$$$ help Riley Lamphear raise some $$$$ from the drop-down list of parties!

That's it.  You get great nails - she gets the care she needs.

I'll donate 25% of the retail sales directly to the family!
Shop now - March 28, 2012!

More information and Riley's Background Story:
PEPD is a pain disorder that causes pain that is triggered by stool in the colon. So... we have to make sure to keep Riley on her pain meds and daily laxatives. She is very good about taking her medication...which makes it SO MUCH EASIER!

Riley has been in pain since she was 6 months old. As she grew she was able to say, "My back hurts". We went through 18 months of every doctor you can think of, every test on the planet...we were at oncology, orthopedic, chiropractic, neurology, urology, GI, she has had 3 MRI's under sedation, numerous X-rays, ultrasounds, colonoscopy, she gets blood test every three months because the medication can mess with the liver and bone marrow. She is such a trooper. She spent the 18 months it took to get a diagnosis laying down. We would take her mat to the front yard and backyard...she just could not function. After visiting the MAYO in MN, we left with no answers and just felt lost. I did so much research and after Aunt G called to tell us about a show on Mystery Diagnosis...we called doctors in the UK and found a doctor in London who helped us to find Dr. G. We were so excited to find answers and get Riley on the path to get better!

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