Friday, March 9, 2012

On the road to healing...

We've just left for a wonderful weekend of restoration and healing at Camp Sol.

If you know of a family in the DFW-area that has lost a child and still has kids at home - please pass this to them!  Camp Sol has been an integral part of our family's healing process.  It is so rewarding to go now and help other families while remembering our son, Ian.

Gavin (our "legacy child") enjoying the weekend in 2010
It is nice to see how far we've come - from the first camp where I was angry at the other parents for being happy.  ("How DARE they laugh - they buried a child too.  I will never laugh again, and neither should they") And now, this will be our 6th year - to only needing the tissue box a few times and really enjoying ourselves and the getaway from everyday life!

I always came back feeling refreshed and renewed!  There is emotional "drain" in sharing your story of loss and your grief journey, but my overwhelming essence is "I buried a child.  I survived it.  I am strong - bring it!  You can't kill me!"
Each year the kids decorate a sign with their sibling's name on it.  This is from  2007
Here's the sign from 2011
Calvin on ropes and Jordan on the rock wall

Memorial Wreath - each family brings a flower as their child's name is read,
as well as a letter that the family writes for the child.
The next event will be the Heart and Sol 5k fundraiser.  
Source: via Noel on Pinterest

Here's a short video from last year:
If you run, know someone who does, or have a business, or just love me :)
would you please consider participating?
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