Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why Jamberry?

First - congratulations to Lisa G. of Missouri for winning the Jamberry Easter Basket giveaway!

Many friends have asked me why are you doing this Jamberry?  I thought you were taking it easy!"

As I re-read my post where I announced my resignation from Gold Canyon, I was reminded of just how crazy busy I was last year, and how dangerously close I can come to that again!

When I discovered Jamberry in November of 2011, I considered adding it as a second business.  I even requested a sample from a consultant in California.  I told a few friends about it, but never did much more research into it.  In January one of those friends sent me this:

What did you decide about Jamberry nails? I'm thinking I would like some cool nails. I might even look into being a consultant. I think I could sell nails! I love cute nails!
I responded:
I'm not Going to do it right now, too much going on! If you do, I'll buy from you!
To which she said:
Include me on your first party. I'd rather sign up under you because I'm not a home business person.
Huh?  I was confused, and went back to re-read what I wrote!  As I was laughing about this and telling my husband, he said "maybe you should do it"  I was shocked, he is always very supportive, and tells me that I should do what I want to do - but he always plays "devil's advocate" too!  He points out all the challenges, the shortcomings, the reasons why I shouldn't (it's good mental exercise for both of us!)  If he was suggesting it, and my friend had read something between the lines then maybe I should consider it!

Source: via Noel on Pinterest

I looked on the website to find a rep in my area.  There were only 5 in a 50 mile radius (that sounded good for business and team-building).  I contacted her and requested a sample.  After I got the samples, I tried them.  I really liked them!  I still wasn't convinced, so I requested more information and went over it all with my husband.  He didn't have anything negative to say.  He pointed out that it is a ground floor, pre-launch opportunity.  He reiterated all the things that I have found to be true in the last 3 years of doing shows and events:
  • Women like to shop for accessories (I could sell one piece of artwork all day while the jewelry vendors sold out!)
  • It's easier to represent a company than to make your own and try to sell it too
  • Under $20 price tags do best
  • Inventory on-hand is the best way to go (as opposed to just taking orders)
  • A single (or very limited) product line attracts more attention than having "too much" to look at
  • Consumable product is better business
I'm so glad that I listened to him!  I signed up on March 1st.  
Now, just 4 short weeks later, I've got a team of 7 consultants, have met my first month's target "fast-start" (and got a $50 bonus!)
UPDATE: As of August 8th I have 67 team members!  Join my Jamberry Nails team today!
UPDATE: As of February 4th, 2013 I have 138 team members!  Get in on this today!

I'm excited to be helping other ladies start a Jamberry business - some have never done direct sales, some are retired, some have added to their existing business.  I can't think of very many people who wouldn't be successful in this!  Whether you're a girly girl or a tomboy; a fashionista or a comfort specialist; a teen or a grandma - there is something for everyone.

Source: via Noel on Pinterest

And - it's not coming between me and my family!  It was my husband's idea, my daughter loves them and we  do manicures together.  She has even accompanied me to Jamberry gatherings.  My oldest son has even told his friend-girls at school about it.  And the little ones - well the three year old acts like it's Christmas when the mail comes: "Momma! Did you get your Jamberries?  I wanna see them!"

I am blessed!

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