Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky Good Sale on Jamberry

spooky good sale on jamberry nails noel giger independent consultant

Scare up a good deal on Jamberry Nails, today only!  E-mail me or PM on Facebook for the details! 
(hint: FREE shipping for everyone!  And, it gets better than that!)

Today is the last day of October (OK, so you already knew that!) and Jamberry is running a special for the consultants.  Any sales over 1000 PCV (that's $1540 retail) get double points towards a FREE trip to Las Vegas with the Jamberry Sisters!

Right now, I am at 35% earned towards the trip.  If I can sell 291 more PCV TODAY, then I will be at 51% earned towards the trip!

So, If you want to try Jamberry, if you need Christmas gifts (especially if you exchange at Thanksgiving!), If you want to stock your gift closet, If you need stocking stuffers, If you need gifts under $15 (fifteen dollars), If you love me, If you love Vegas baby!, If you are bored, If you just want to help....

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