Thursday, October 4, 2012

oops - they did it again! Kid's photo contest $100+ prize bundle!

Oops - they did it again! Kid's love to wear mom's make up and polish, which one did it best?

You know how it goes... There is a peaceful silence you enjoy for a bit. Then you remember, silence isn't good unless they're asleep! You creep around the corner, camera in hand and there it is... They've gotten into your stash!

Share your picture for a chance to win a prize bundle valued at over $100 from Noel Giger DFW Independent Jamberry Nails ConsultantKatie Chretien Independent Consultant with Mary Kay and Pink Zebra Home - Independent Consultant, Lauren Rudick

To enter, upload your favorite picture (one entry per Facebook account please). The entry with the most votes will win! You are highly encouraged to beg your friends and family to vote for your picture ;)

Please also "like" the pages of your contest hostesses! Karma begs that you leave them a sweet note too!

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