Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scams, Schemes, Surprises & Solavei

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Before deciding if Solavei (or any opportunity) is a scam or scheme, 
ask yourself… 

Is there a product?
Yes, $49 cell phone service! 

Is there Real Value being given in exchange for money?
Yes, $49 unlimited talk, text, data cell phone service with NO contract, no credit check and no hassles.

Are other reps in the company seeing results and creating an income for themselves?
 Yes, myself! (and thousands of others!)

If you can answer these questions with a definite ‘Yes,’ chances are, you’re NOT going to get scammed.
Great! I knew I was on to something :)
Bring your own phone for free until October 31, 2012

Did you know:
You can *just* save money with Solavei?  You don't *have* to share/sell anything.
If you do share with friends, you get money back every month?
If you share with 9 people, your service is free, every month?
You can ask me questions and I won't consider you a "prospect to be sold to"?
(I've got a hubby, 4 kids and 2 home businesses - I don't have time to chase people LOL!  I focus my energy on those who want to succeed and need help to get there.  And on having cute nails, of course!)

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