Saturday, October 6, 2012

Capture Your Grief Day 6: What Not To Say

I can't tell you how many times people have tried to empathize by comparing my loss to their loss of a pet.
I don't care how much you "love" your cat/dog/parakeet/hamster/horse, it is not the same as carrying a child for 9 months, holding them in your arms almost every minute for 3 months and then watching them die.  Dealing with bereaved siblings who wonder "am I still a big sister", blaming yourself, questioning the very existence of God - it's not the same. 

Don't tell me that your dog has cancer.  
I don't care.  
Don't show me pictures of a kitten that will "die unless someone adopts them by midnight."  
I don't care.
Don't tell me that you are a "pet parent"
It's not the same.

I've grown up with pets my whole life.  I had dogs, cats, fish, rabbits and even a squirrel for a few weeks.  
Yes, they can bring comfort and companionship.  
Yes, they play a special role in your life.  
No, I don't hate animals.  
No, I don't approve of animal cruelty.

I will support people causes over animal causes EVERY TIME.

As long as it's legal to kill a child in their mother's womb;
As long as SIDS is unexplained;
As long as there are children dying of starvation;
As long as there are children being molested;
As long as there are children being abused;
As long as there are battered women;
As long as there is poverty;
As long as there is injustice;
As long as there is hatred;
As long as there is racism;
As long as there is cancer;
As long as there are people.

PS: Every cause needs it's champion - I'm glad that there are people who are passionate about animals.  Because I'm not.

Just don't confuse your animal with my precious son.

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