Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Alone #Owling

I can't believe that Momma forgot about me on Sunday!  I know she was way busy, working in the Nursery at The Crossing Church, attending a meeting for parents of Down's Syndrome babies with the Dallas Down's Syndrome Guild and attending Brandy's Premier Designs Mystery Hostess party - but hey!  I was a little lonely!

I finished my masterpiece - what do you think?

I had a Coke (and a smile)

I shivered me timbers

I took a nap

I caught up on some genealogy

I hunted some big game

And I played dress up too!


  1. Kinda like Flat Stanley! I love your creativity and humor. Are you still home schooling?
    Blessings, Pat Leonard

  2. Thanks! No - we didn't homeschool this year. They are going to a local charter school :)


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