Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goldie's Weekend

I had a busy weekend with Momma and the kids.  It all started Friday night.  We went to a party over at Erica's place.  She's home for the summer from the Czech Republic.  Her friends are great!  Except for this guy:
He kept using these lines like "there's room at the hen house for a big girl like you" and "you light up my life baby".  Ugh, what a pig - I mean, well - you know.

There was also this bunny named Fluffy Cottontail
she kept going on and on about how this pool was nothing compared to the last party at "The Mansion".  She was kinda snobby!
I had lots of deviled eggs - that's not weird.  Is it?
We decided to stop by McDonald's on the way home fro ice cream - Martin wanted a picture with me - how can I refuse a fan?
I finally got a little shut eye before Momma woke me up early to go networking.
I thought this might be an athletic event, or involve arachnids (not my favorite!) but it was just a bunch of nice ladies talking about helping each other with their businesses.
When we came here, I thought we were going to get to go somewhere really exotic, like Fiji, or The Big Apple!  It was only a Camp Sol meeting, but I met lots of nice people!
Then we went to game night with some friends - Momma thought this was funny:
Not cool.

I'm gonna save what I did today for tomorrow's post.  Momma LEFT ME HOME ALONE!  I don't want her to see the pics yet - I was kinda crazy!

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