Monday, August 8, 2011

Worst Fundraiser Ever...

What is the worst fundraiser that you've ever done, or been asked to support?

I can remember so many that we've done!
I remember my pitch for the "Slave Auction" for my youth group fundraiser "I can clean windows streak-free!"  I got "bought" and actually had to work.  Many of my friends got "bought" and taken out for ice cream!  LOL

And then there was the time we did a "free car wash" (donations accepted) where several people took us at our word, let us wash their car - and drove away!

Oh - I remember when I was a kid we did a chocolate fundraiser.  My little brother ate several of the bars and we had to pay for them!  (At least we got to keep the Pizza coupons that were inside the wrapper!)

We had pretty good success with selling frozen pies, they are yummy!  The only problem is delivery!  You have to get it to them still frozen, or have a place to store it!  And then hope that no one steals your pies out of the freezer at work.  Or church.  True story :(

The worst we've been asked to purchase was a school selling these GIGANTIC 64 oz thermal mugs with sports team logos on them.  Um. No.  Thanks!  Good Luck with your next 10 houses!

Same goes for those magazine subscriptions - Uh let me see.  $40 from you for 2 and a half years of one magazine, or $6 a year online?  Wow, that's a tough decision!
There was a year that I bought some cute wrapping paper from some kids at church, then had to threaten my family within an inch of their lives if they came close to it or used it!  That stuff was expensive, I reserved it for the finest gifts only!

Anyway - I'm excited about becoming a Certified Fundraiser Specialist with Gold Canyon - and I'm working on my "pitch" to organizations that want to raise money.

Our fundraisers generate a profit of 38-40%, up to $8.80 per candle sold.  That's like selling 14 candy bars!
I'd love to hear your fundraiser memories (OK, I really want your horror stories!)

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