Saturday, November 21, 2009

I've been traumatized, I went to the MALL

It has been a long time since I went shopping in a mall.  I'm not completely against them, I just have found that I can better express myself, stay within my budget and waste less time if I stay away!

I had to deliver a custom order today and the only convienient time for my customer was at her Estee Lauder appointment.  I arrived about 30 minues early so I decided to look around.  While I adore vintage/retro fashion, and I'm really glad to welcome back some styles, here are 2 that should remain burried in the annals of time:  Leggings. Sweater Dresses

I even did some browsing to find pics to share, but I couldn't stand looking at them!  True, they look great in the catalog, but on real women, eeew.  I saw things that my eyes don't want to remember today!

So, to sooth my weary eyes, here are some funky/boho/vintage inspired/indie finds:

And now, for some shameless self promotion:
My newest endeavor, clothing with digital art, available at Zazzle:

"Love Heals Surely" my original design on just about anything

This is my retort to the "love kills slowly" message that is going around :)  Don't get me wrong, I like the designs too, and I can "feel" the sentiment - I've been hurt too, many times.  But I've found that True Love heals... surely!  Enjoy!

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