Saturday, November 14, 2009

Presentation is everything...a how-to

My kids love to spend time with me.  It's great!  Unless I'm in my studio, then I'd rather them quietly entertain themselves and be neatly self-sufficient (hey, a mom can dream, right?!) 

Yesterday I was working away (OK, it's actually more like playing!) when I heard my oldest son say to the youngest "take this to mommy".  I turned to the door and waited, here is what I saw:

a message by carrier baby!

How adoreable is that?  Wait, it gets better!  I opened it up and here is the note:

"come eat with me"

Priceless!  How could I resist such a tempting invitation?  Had he simply yelled from the kitchen (as they usually do!) I would probably have just told him that I'd already eaten (and to be sure to clean up after himself!)

Since the holidays are upon us, and we are already thinking about thoughtful gifts, let's also be mindful of our presentation!  Here is a tip to transform a humble shipping box into an exciting gift.

I started with a recent order from a customer in CA, a functional (but bland) priority mail flat-rate shipping box, some fabulous vintage paper from my recent trip to Bon Ton Vintage and a box of colorful shred that I got at a garage sale for 25 cents:

I used the box as a template to trace out a piece of the vintage paper to dress up the inside of the box:

then trimmed it out about 1/4 of an inch from my straight lines (no need to worry about decorating the flaps, just cut right past them!):

Then I applied double-stick tape around all the edges and applied it to the inside of the box.

Next, I stuffed it with the shred, arranged the purchased items on top, then sprinkled in some dried lavendar buds for a sweet scent.

To finish off the inside, I put a bit more shred, a few business cards (I know she'll need extra to share with friends!) and a few pieces of candy.

I like to finish off the outside of the box too (a hold over from my days as an event planner - the invitation sets the theme... coordinate everything...  let you guests know what to expect...)

Hopefully this extera attention to detail will create a friend (and customer) for life!

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