Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun & Funky Friday: Sew cute - vintage aprons

I love how big business/commerce has finally caught up with the vintage/indie trends.  Have you noticed that everything old is new again?  I guess it was bound to happen!

Here's one that I can feel a little better about:

At least it is a new pattern for something handmade :)

I think if you paired it up with some really cool vintage fabric, like maybe this one:

and trimmed in this:

Of course, you might prefer the real McCoy, here are some deals from

UPDATE: This Etsy seller is joing us for the
12 Days of Christmas [ReDeemed] guest blogger series with a FREE apron!

I think that wearing a pretty apron like this might make me a better cook, but I'm not gonna chance it, I'm still going to grandma's for Thanksgiving!  And yes, even though I'll be 35 this year, I still have to sit at the kids' table!

Of course, you'll want to bear in mind last Friday's cooking lesson while wearing your Fun and Funky apron!

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