Monday, November 2, 2009

A new favorite destination: Bon Ton Vintage Store

For all of you out there who love vintage clothes, old books, vinyl and more...  You just HAVE to go visit my new favorite "haunt" Bon Ton Vintage store.

On my way back from The Seasons of Aggieland Bazaar in College Station, I decided to do some flea-marketing (a favorite pastime).  I made a list of all the places between there and Dallas, just relishing the possibilities.  The first one didn't open until 9 AM, and I was there at 7:30, the second was only open the 2nd weekend, I was there on the last.  At this point, I started calling the others on the list!.  The third was out of business, the fourth I couldn't find, the fifth was long-gone.  I was pretty bummed out!  By now I was in Waxahachie and almost home when I got a  call from Barbara at Bon Ton Vintage.  She told me where they were in Forreston, TX and I turned around!

It turns out that they are in the same place as a flea market used to be, about 15 years ago, I wasn't looking for a building, but boy am I glad I found them!

This is John Kauffman, proprietor

I was immediately greeted by John and Barbara, who called me by name because she recognized my voice from the phone.  I introduced myself and explained my art, then they started showing me around.  I started a pile of treasures very shortly thereafter!  I went upstairs where I met Suellen (pronounced Sue Ellen), a friend and regular (make sure you ask for her when you go - Barbara said she practically lives there!).

Upstairs is vintage clothing heaven, I made a quick mental list of all the friends that I would have tell!  There were furs, shoes, handbags and hats.  Day wear and formals from every decade.  The display and ambiance was "top drawer" (inside joke!).  And, oh - the vintage jewlery!  I had a lot of fun digging through a tin of mismatches and brought home some lonely and broken things to [ReDeem].

Barbara and Kathy

Heading back downstairs I met Kathy, their daughter and Melissa, another friend and regular.  It was about this time that I seriously considered calling and telling my husband I was moving to Forreston to be closer to my new friends!  I spent 3 hours in this great shop!

Before I left I had heard all about John and Barbara's Jazz trio with their friend Jeff (back in the day) and even scored a CD with some of their best stuff!  John mesmerized me with stories of the famous folks he had met and knew, his childhood and more.  I couldn't resist snapping a few pics while we stood outside talking...

So - if you love vintage stuff, good conversation, an interesting history lesson, visiting small towns, or just about anything, I think that you would just adore Bon Ton Vintage!

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