Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post-turkey thrifting bliss (gone awry)

My family and I have returned from our Thanksgiving pilgrimage.  We usually go to Abilene, TX to visit my extended family, plus my husband's parents live in a town nearby so we get to have a great time with all of our family!

Since my van is out of commission (you might remember my last garage sale fiasco), we were in my hubby's new car.  It's small. Really small.  Once you get 2 adults and 3 kids in, along with all the accoutrements for a long weekend with a baby - there's no room left!  ARRRRGGGGG.

I was reduced to taking pictures of so many lovely things!  I probably wouldn't have bought most of it, but the very fact that I couldn't even consider it made it all so much more appealing!

First stop, Vonnah's at The Old Schoolhouse, Clyde, TX

(watch for the reflection of the camera-guy behind her!)
Doesn't that just make you want to spend a while poking around?  I've passed by this place so many times, unable to stop and spend the time - but with Nana watching the kids and hubby and I on our own, we were free to wander.

These would have definately come home with me, I seem to have a weakness for wrought iron!

I asked my husband if he was opposed to trying things to the top of his new car,
he just gave me a very nasty look!

and all this was just on the porch!  I couldn't even get inside (but you know I tried!  I called the numbers on the door, Vonnah and her husband were in Corpus Christi visiting their grandbabies - shoot!)
So I took pictures through the glass (I know, pathetic!)

One last trip around the grounds - a few more pictures:

I REALLY wanted to [ReDeem] the metal on this old trunk - can you see the detail?

I keep telling my hubby that I need a store for all my finds - I can just see this buggy leaded up with treasures tucked into a corner!

I hope you enjoyed this vicarious thrifting trip - I hope you had better success with your weekend!
Hey, there's always my Cyber Monday sale to look forward to!


  1. I feel your pain!!!!
    I wanted to bring sooo much back from Athens and I couldn' totally sucks!!!

  2. I know that look! I get it a lot, too. A few heavy wrought iron pieces wouldn't have done much damage to the car roof!!!
    Too funny!

  3. Wow, too bad you had to pass up some of those great items! Thanks for sharing the pics.

    Christi @ A Southern Life


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