Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A thoughtful gift..

It's that time of year! 

Our thoughts turn to gift-giving (and getting!) and we always want to make it special.  If you are like me, you put a lot of time and energy into conjouring up "just" the thing. 

I am also always mindful of the circumstance of each person, for instance:  My mom is a collector, her home is filled with "treasures", her closet is filled with sweaters, gloves and scarves in every color, almost more shoes and accessories than Imelda Marcos!  My husband and I decided a long time ago that if it wasn't consumable or able to be hung on the wall, it wasn't a good gift for my mom (alas we have often broken our own rule, but I digress!)! 

my "bubba", my mom (check out the accessories! - she's an authentic diva!), me and my daddy.

In other cases, the gift is easy: the stressed out new mom needs a spa day or an afternoon of babysitting so she can relax at home; the college graduate is getting their own place and needs... everything!

Since I started my business, I have had many opportunities to help people with thoughtful gifts.  This was one of the first:

"A Mighty Fortress Is Our God", for the mother of a client.

and this:

"Ave Maria" for the best friend who sang this at my client's wedding.
even jewlery:

"How Great Thou Art" for a friend whose favorite song this was.

and this one for my BFF:

I included a secret coded message on the back, just for her!

My most recent gift-giving projects have been centered around college fight songs.  Here is one that just sold yesterday, purchased by a mom whose son is about to graduate from Texas A&M :

Vingage "Aggie War Hymn" printed in 1939!
The folks in her office are all a-flutter about getting one for their University, so I put together a list of the sheet music that I have on hand (below)
but I can also find just about any song for special orders, a unique, one-of-a-kind, thoughtful gift!

Across the Field (Ohio State University)

Carmen Ohio (Ohio State University)
Down the Line (University of Notre Dame)
Eyes of Texas (University of Texas)
Far Above Cayuga’s Water (Cornell University)
Fight On (University of Southern California)
Go U Northwestern (Northwestern University)
Green-Eyed Girl (Tulane University)
Hail Purdue (Purdue University)
Hullabaloo (Tulane University)
Illinois Loyalty (University of Illinois)
I’m a Jayhawk (University of Kansas)
Indiana, Our Indiana (University of Indiana)
Iowa Corn Song (State University of Indiana)
Men of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania)
Mighty Oregon (University of Oregon)
Minnesota, March On (University of Minnesota)
Minnesota Rouser (University of Minnesota)
Navy Blue and Gold (United States Naval Academy)
Northwestern Push-On Song (Northwestern University)
Norte Dame Victory March (University of Notre Dame)
On Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin)
Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Sweetheart of Sigma Chi (Fraternity Song)
Varsity (University of Michigan)
Wave the Flag (University of Chicago)
When the Irish Backs Go Marching By University of Notre Dame)
White Star of Sigma Nu (Fraternity Song)
Win! Win! Win! (University of Richmond)

Don't stop - there's lots more good stuff...

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