Sunday, December 1, 2013

Top Ten Reasons to Join Jamberry as a New Consultant in December 2013...

10. It’s the busiest shopping time of the year! Orders placed by December 12th are guaranteed for Christmas arrival, and with eGiftCards you can sell right up until Santa's Sleigh lites on their roof! 
Jamberry is the perfect
Stocking Stuffer for all the girls
on your Christmas List!

9. You can market your business by sending Jamberry as Christmas Gifts. Your 30% commission starts right away!
8. Gifts you use are marketing, so they are 2013 tax write offs (so is your kit investment!)
7. It is one of the most social times of the year, seeing friends and family everyone will ask “What’s new?” Share your excitement with them!

6. We meet so many new people at holiday gatherings as well. Everyone inevitably asks “What do you do?” you get to share your new adventure!

5. Use December to “spread the word” and plan a “Grand Opening” in January - you can be invite everyone to it throughout the holiday season!

4. You get to end this year benefiting from the busiest time of year, but also starting 2014 off with a BANG! We can't wait to find out where the 2014 Jamberry Incentive trip will take us!  I'm cruising for FREE in February - you could come with me on the next trip! 

If "Today " is December 2, 2013 - it's your LUCKY DAY!!!
3. Everyone who joins December 2nd gets a great discount on their new business starter kit! (US & Puerto Rico)

2. Everyone is looking at their new year... you have something to share NOW that can change lives...

1.  The best is yet to come!  2013 saw exponential growth.  We expanded into 5 Canadian provinces as well as Puerto Rico.  Where in the world will Jamberry go next?  Will you be in on the ground floor?

If you have decided you want to do Jamberry Nails, go for it- there is no better time to start than right now...
Why should you join our team?  The GLOW Girls team is committed to Excellence through Education and Encouragement.  YOu can sneek a peek at our training blog here:  or ask for a VIP Pass to our Facebook group!

Want more info? Send me an email
When you are ready to sign up, all you need to do is go to my website and click Join, or go here:

My username is noelgiger and my consultant ID is 17534 if it is not already filled in for you!

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