Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sophisticated, Artful and Whimsical Nail Art Trends for Summer 2017

Taking a look at the best selling nail art trends so far for summer 2017, we can summarize in 3 distinct trends.  The first is Sophisticated.  Whether your style is simple solids with an accent nail, or merges feminine florals and stripes, these designs are uptown and beautiful.
Lavender Almond, It Girl, Cotton Candy Kisses, What About Love and Golden Age.
 The next trend is Artful.  We don't call it "nail art" for nothing!  Tiny works of art on our fingertips is what drives this trend.

Royale Street, Elixir, Uptown Girls, and Masterpiece

The final trend is no surprise!  Who doesn't want to have fun with their designs?  Animals, crystals and polka dots are all represented in this month's top styles.
Tainted Love with Sweet Flight, Bright Side, Sweet Flight layered over lacquers, Mixtape, Rainbow Quartz and Whiskers
Shop for your favorites, and create your own trends!  I can't wait to see how you #PlayWithYourJams!

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