Sunday, January 3, 2010

Silver Sunday, number 1

Welcome to the very first Silver Sunday Blog Party, hosted by Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal!

I'm late to the party, and completely undressed!  It's like one of those nightmares where you show up and you're naked, only you are the last one to know!

So, I'm stalling and scrambling... but here are my contributions!

Custom memorial piece for a client's coworker who passed away before Christmas. The angel is [ReDeemed] from a keychain, the charm at the bottom is a formerly lonely sterling silver earring. The framed art is a hand-tinted hymnal page "Onward Christian Soldiers" with a heart and swirls, reverse has the initial of the young woman who passed away. (SOLD)


Silver Cross: Features hand-tinted cross set on a hand-tinted antique hymnal page (a blank one from the back). In a discarded (but beautiful) silver frame - tabletop or hanging display. apx. 9'x9' (SOLD)

"Amazing Grace" 2" square glass pendant, silver-tone frame. The background is a hand-tinted vintage hymnal page with hand-tinted heart and die-cut cross and swirls. The reverse features more of the hymn and a hand-stamped heart with die cut swirls. Attached to a leather cord embelished with [ReDeemed] silver beads from a vintage necklace, apx. 18" 
(SEE - I did have some vintage silver in here!) (SOLD)

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  1. Lovely! ... perfect choices for Silver Sunday! Love the charm necklace. Thank you for sharing!



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