Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tablescape Thursday #1

I admit.  I've been lurking in the shadows.  I've been admiring your tables from afar.  I've been sad that I could not pull up a chair and join you.

Then, I remembered - before we switched to melamine plates, before the vinyl tablecloths, way back when I used to be an event planner, I used to do nice tables.

So I've searched the archives and here is my contribution to Tablescape Thursday, hosted by the fabulous Between Naps on the Porch!

Now, the bad news is that I was not behind the camera, so the pics are not that great (but the ideas are!)

Mother/Daughter Brunch, 2006
"Cut from God's perfect pattern"
I'll start at the top:

This is a beautiful black iron candelier from Southern Living at Home.  Our theme was vintage sewing, so I draped tapestry fabric, beaded trim and measuring tapes on it them tucked in willow branches and old english style roses.

We used an unfinished silk quilt as the topper, then layered on gold chargers, white china and crystal.  I distressed  yellow measuring tapes with brown and black ink, then used them to tie the napkins!

It's a little hard to tell what is in the center of the table.
It's a vintage singer sewing machine, set on it's case!  There is a metal sign that says "Paris Divine Boutique", more candles (of course!) and the ribbon banner with our theme.

The namecards were hand stamped with each lady's name and accented with assorted buttons, then displayed on vintage looking mannequin/dress form photo holders.  These were their favors!

I hope you've enjoyed my contribution - I can't wait to see yours! 

I'm heading over to the McLinky right now!


  1. Well done on your first tablescape.I have done a few but am still finding my feet. It is so much fun I'm sure you'll soon be doing more!!

  2. Welcome to Tablescape Thursday! This is a very creative entry. I just love your sewing machine centerpiece, and the tape measure napkin rings.
    I can't believe people are eating on your SILK quilt topper!
    What a great and festive table.
    Kudos to you!

  3. This looks like a fun tablescape! I'm glad you decided to join in on all the fun. I love your centerpiece. Very well done. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  4. Glad you joined the fun! I love the idea of the measuring tapes as napkin rings. I know event planning is a fun (but hard) job! Don't worry about the vynyl and melamine in rhe future--it's all welcome here! Love the sewing machine!

  5. Nice first TT post!! This looks like a party on your table! I'll look forward to your upcoming tablescapes as well!

  6. Welcome to the party, Noel! Wonderfully imaginative table ... great concept, perfectly executed! I hope you'll join us again and again. It's great fun and you'll meet the nicest people in Blogland!


  7. What a lovely table you've set here!

    Oh, and thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement on my blog about my art, it meant a lot. Especially coming from such a talented artist as yourself. :-)

    Have a great weekend!


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