Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winner! Happy Inspire Your Heart With Art Day!

Today is "Inspire Your Heart With Art" day.  I know you're all rushing to the store to get your greeting cards!  In honor of this obscure but fun holiday, I hosted a contest!

Now, before you get bummed out that you didn't get to enter - there's still hope!  I have 2 other contests!
When the fan page reaches 350 fans, I will draw and give a gift certificate for $25.00 and FREE shipping to one lucky fan!

Click on "follow" (via Google Friend Connect, follow publicly) over to the right. 
When we reach 100 followers, I will give away a $20.00 gift certificate to one lucky follower
A second $20 gift certificate to the person who REFERRED them!
That could be you! 
Post a blog or tweet, send your friends and followers my way!

And now....
The winner (from 16 eligible entries) is...
Sandy said...
"Here is one of my favorite styles. I love how she antiques the hymn paper and puts an image on top. Praise and Worship is close to my heart and this is a beautiful way to appreciate it!"

From my Etsy shop

Congratulations Sandy!
(and good luck to the rest of you on the other 2 contests!)


  1. Yeah!!! I was really hoping to win, lol!!! Thank you so much!

  2. I just stopped by because of your recent visit and sweet comment. I love the bird with the hymns -- I sing in our church choir and my daughter sings in the praise band -- what an adorable idea.


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