Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eco(nomical &)-Chic Valentine's Decor

A few years ago I helped some friends out with their Valentine's Day wedding.  The couple loved old movies and hearts, especially conversation hearts.  We had a very small budget to work with but lots of tables to decorate!  (does that sound familiar to anyone else?  It's the story of my life!)

I found images of vintage hollywood stars and printed them out in black and white (on recycled paper of course!).  A friend placed them in random fashion on an 11"x17" sheet of paper, then attached them with a glue stick.

Next, she cut single-faced satin (florist) ribbon in strips and used it to trim the outside, leaving an overlap for extra interest. These became "placemats" for the table centerpieces (did you notice the candy conversation hearts in the candle holders?  They were the bride's favorite candy - we just had to include it somewhere - it WAS Valentines afterall!)

This candle holder is an "ivy bowl"" glued to the top of a candlestick, both from the dollar store.  Not bad for 2 bucks eh?
I was fortunate enough to find a whole collection of red and orange/yellow silk flowers on clearance at MJDesigns - 90% off!  I bought everything they had, even though I wasn't sure what I would do with all of it!

You've seen the pomanders with the pearl handles use in 2 different ways, as well as the small candle rings.  But take a look at this:

It's a wreath, suspended with wire from the ceiling!  I attached glass votive holders with floral adhesive to the "back" (now the top).  I also added gold and red rhinestones to the arrangement, foor a little extra dazzle!

I also suspended several of the pomendars from the ceiling (shown in the background).

The groom's cake featured color prints of some old movie shots and I tucked film from a movie reel all round (even in the frosting!).  More vintage hollywood shots covered the table.

I was able to splurge on fresh flowers for the ceremony; red roses, white lilies and eucalyptus (mmm, it smelled heavenly!)

So, thats an easy way to decorate for a Valentine's Wedding (or just a party!) using what you've got, what is free and what you find on super-great clearance.  The entire decor budget was less than $150, and that included the fresh flowers for the ceremony.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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