Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Get the Jamberry Nails Coupon Code!

UPDATE:  Bummer!  This Coupon Code is expired!  Jamberry doesn't do coupon codes like this very often (maybe once a year!) The VERY BEST way to get a discount on your Jamberry favorites?  Host a party!  You can do a fun in-home party:
Mommy and Me
PJs and Pedicures
Girls Night Out (or in!)

You can do a party on the patio of your favorite restaurant:
Margaritas and Manicures
Mimosas and Manicures
Pinot Grigio and Pedicures

You can do an online or Facebook Party, or even a catalog party!
Contact me today to get yours started!

Click here to see the exclusive fans only Jamberry Nails #nailart coupon code

Like Jamberry Nails on Facebook, then use this fans-only coupon for 10% off your purchase at my website!  Pass it on!

Click here to see the exclusive fans only Jamberry Nails #nailart use coupon code likejamberry at www.noelgiger.jamberrynails.net
Use Coupon Code likejamberry at www.noelgiger.jamberrynails.net to get 10% off your entire purchase!
This discount CAN be combined with the Buy 3 get 1 FREE discount too - this is the time for MAXIMUM savings!  The savings continue all through the month of December.  The code is unlimited and may be used multiple times (even by consultants!) 

Hurry though - orders need to be placed by December 15th in order to arrive by Christmas!
Silver and White Fishnet French Tip with Consultant Exclusive Silver Quatrafoil #nailart from Jamberry Nails

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