Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#Win Your #JamberryNails Wishlist: #Pinterest #Contest

Contest Dates: November 12, 2012 through December 14, 2012
Grand Prize – Your Wish List! (15 Jamberry Nail shields) -$225 Value 
1st Runner Up – Jamberry Nails’ top 5 selling nail shields - $75 Value2nd Runner Up
Jamberry Nails’ top 3 selling nail shields - $45 Value

How to Win:
Step 1   Like Jamberry Nails on Facebook.  Here is a direct link to Jamberry's fan page.  Click "LIKE"

 Step 2   Follow Jamberry on Pinterest.  Here is a direct link - 

Step 3   Create a Pin Board titled "My Jamberry Nails Holiday Wish List".  
Do this by clicking the Add+ button in the top right hand corner on Pinterest   Then choose "create a board" and be sure to title it "My Jamberry Nails Holiday Wish List".

Step 4   Re-Pin the Jamberry Nails Holiday Wish List pin into your new pin board. 
This can be found on our Jamberry Contests pin board or on the contest website. Here is a direct link to the Pinterest contest that you need to click on and pin into your - "My Jamberry Nails Holiday Wish List" board.

Step 5a Pin your 15 favorite Jamberry Nail Shields from to your My Jamberry Nails Holiday Wish List pin board. 
In order to be eligible to win a prize, all pins must come directly from the Jamberry Nails website ( You do this by going to then clicking on "Buy Jamberry".  Once you do you can find one you would like to pin.  Once you find one click on it and then click the "P" icon to pin it onto your pinterest board.  Continue to do this for 15 different shields.

Step 5b Include the following #hashtags in your pin descriptions: #JamberryNails #NailShields  #NailWraps 
 Copy and paste!

Step 6   Copy and paste the URL for your My Jamberry Nails Holiday Wish List pin board into an email with the subject line: "Holiday Wish List Contest" and send it to
You can find your URL for your board by clicking your name in the right hand corner and choosing "boards".  When you click boards it will take you to all your boards (or if you are new the only one that will be there is this holiday contest board).  Click on the contest board then copy and paste the web address into an email to  

The contest will end on Friday December 14th at 5:00 pm PST.  
The winner will be announced Monday December 17th on the Jamberry Nails Holiday Wish List board. 
Winners will also be notified directly through Pinterest. 

Happy Pinning!
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