Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A little family update

I can't believe that it is December!  The pic above was taken at Thanksgiving (I just LOVE the beautiful weather we've been having in Texas!  80 degrees today!) and you can see how big the family is getting!

Calvin will be 14 this year.  He's enjoying skateboarding and Minecraft.  Jordan is 11 and enjoys music and modeling.  Aaron is nearly 2 and started walking today!  Gavin is 4 and enjoying preschool.

William enjoys wearing sunglasses :)  I'm enjoying my new retro / rockabilly look (I'm easing into it here!)

I've been quite busy with my Jamberry business (my team is now over 100!) and Solavei is saving us money on cell phones and starting to generate a nice little side income too.  William and I have both been struggling with health issues, but we're still kicking!

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