Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On the 1st day of Christmas... A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Do you love the old “12 Days of Christmas” song? I do! I remember wondering what it meant as a kid, and wishing (and hoping and praying) as a teen that I would have a "true love" who would shower me with such fancy. Now, as a 4 time mom, most of the time I just hear a cash register "ca-ching" echoing in the chorus (by the way, there are people who figure this out – the 2009 cost? $21,465.56)

Image courtesy of artist Annie Soudain

A few years ago I heard an interesting tale that this song was actually written as a secret way for persecuted Christians to practice their faith and pass it down to their children. Mystery and intrigue! Right up my alley. Well, it’s not technically true, but it is still a really neat thought, so I’ll be sharing the history of each day – along with the “new” symbolism!
“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree”

No, not this kind of Partridge!

Since the song is probably French in origin, many have speculated that the pear tree is in fact supposed to be perdrix, French for partridge and pronounced per-dree. But now-a-days in France the first day’s gift is “a good stuffing without bones”. Although that sounds tasty, I like pears, so I’m sticking with the English version!

Now, if we were in Scotland, on the first day our lovies would be bringing us

A popingo-aye (parrot)!

In the modern folklore version, the since the partridge is considered one of the most protective birds and shelters their young with their own bodies, it stands for the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. The cross is often referred to as a tree and it seems fitting that the partridge is in a tree.

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The historical counterpart is from "A New Dial" that included 12 verses that pertained to the 12 Days of Christmas. The first day is:

“Who are they that are but one?
We have one God alone
In Heaven above sits on His throne.”

Well – at any rate, I love to sing this part in a round. One year at a Christmas party everyone was assigned one of the days to sing. This was great fun! After my temporary bitterness at not drawing the beautiful “5 Go-old Rings!” (can you tell I like to be the center of attention?) I really embraced the partridge and it’s tree! Even people who mumble and fumble through the rest of the song ALWAYS get this one right!

One thing I won’t mumble about is this fabulous vintage apron:

After I blogged about it on my Fun and Funky Friday post a few weeks back, Lorraine of Aprons n More contacted me letting me know that she’d like to offer it as a prize to my readers! WOW – thanks Lorraine!

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So, to enter Day 1’s giveaway, here’s the scoop. You’ll get 1 entry for each of the following:
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The fine print:
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And – (aren’t you glad you read all the way to the end? There is a reward for being detail oriented and “stickin’ with it”!) as if you needed more incentive to enter this and the other drawings –

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