Thursday, December 17, 2009

To booth or not to booth?

Ah, I've been telling my husband for some time that I really NEED a store to house all of my creations and ideas.  He has met this proclaimation with a loving wink and "I know", but never jumped to the phone to call a realtor (if you know what I mean!)

I've check into booth space and have found a spot that is very reasonable - Frisco Mercantile, the starter space is 5x10' and $200 per month (the next nearest shop is nearly $600 for that size space!)

I know that I have a good eye for quality vintage pieces and interesting, unique items.  And I think that my artwork will fit nicely with vintage items.  I also have a passion for marketing and "dressing", even my traveling booth ends up looking like an antique's booth:
(I was going to insert a pic of my recent booth set up here, but somehow instead erased all the images from my camera phone!  EEEEK)

I need your help though!  To my friends in the blogosphere who have shops or booths:

  1. What do you consider "essential" to your booth/business? (i.e. a few big shopping/stock ups or continual small shopping trips, a storage space, permenant "fixtures, etc.)
  2. What do you wish you had done differently when you started?
And to my fellow shopping budies - I know I shop predominately on price, but aesthetic appeal also lures me in.  What "gets" you?  What do you like mos about your favorite stores, and more importantly, what motivates you to actually purchase?

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  1. Have fun on you new venture!!! I have a 10 X 10 booth in an antique store in our small town. I don't know how to answer your 2 questions but just want to encourage you to not get in over your head with inventory. I am not sure where you live or how the economy is going there - we are in a slow down here. My booth does fairly well and all the other booth vendors feel it is because I have it decorated so cute. It took me 3 moves to finally figure out my style for the booth and I even got a window booth at the request of the owner for no additional cost!!- Keep freshening it up and move things around alot- Remember above all that it is for fun-

    I live in a small town and so for inventory whenever I go to the big city I hit all the thrift stores and garage sales-

    Well I don't know that I helped very much but just wanted to tell you to enjoy the process!



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