Saturday, January 21, 2012

Invitations - on the cheap!

I've been using this money-saving idea for a while now, and I thought I'd share!

I create digital invitations for my kids' birthday parties, Gold Canyon parties, charity events, etc., then print them out as a photo!  I get full color glossy invitations for about 10-20 cents each!  You could even take it up a notch by affixing them to cardstock, but we just hand them out as-is.

Here's the latest one I did.  I started out with an image I found online (be fair to copyrights!  Don't use an artists' work, photographers image, etc. - look for things in the general domain!):
found at San Diego Bargain Momma's blog, via Google image search
Then, I used the photo editing site to crop the image to 4"x6" diminsions.  You could do this with your favorite software or even PowerPoint.

Next, I added the text:

Then I saved it and uploaded to for printing (always search for an online coupon!)  I picked them up an hour later!

Here are some other invitations that I've made this way:
created with a hybrid of PowerPoint and Picnik

created using Picnik's Premier Collages

created in PowerPoint

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