Friday, January 20, 2012

The Picnik's over!

UGH!  I just saw that Picnik is closing!  I've enjoyed my premium membership for the last 2 years, and have used it to make so many things!

A while back, Google bought them, and I suspected that they would be gobbled up and spit back into the google machine.  If Google didn't make everything so d*mn convienent, I'd hate them! 

The good news is, I'll get a refund of my membership fee, and they've offered a convienent way to download my photos.  That soothed my ruffled feathers a little bit.

The other good news is that the premium features are free to everyone now, so you can get hooked and let down just like me!  The features will be added to Google+ in the future.  I hope I'll still be able to do things like this:


  1. Darn I used Picnik to edit all my pictures-didn't have the premium package just the free but enjoyed using it.


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