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Market Me: People Style Watch 2012 Page 86

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It's interesting, I took this pic and uploaded it to my Facebook page so that I could download it to my computer (being too lazy to connect my USB cable! LOL).  I added the caption "Ignore this photo" - truly intending to just delete it after I downloaded it for the blog series.  I left it because I was so amused by how many could not ignore it.  You know, not one person said anything about the Everything under $100?  I was given several drink recipes, fond recollections of commercials and other fun comments - all about the Kahlua advertisement!
I sat my laptop on top of the magazine while opened to this page spread and when I picked it up, the right page tor out.  As I placed it back in the magazine, I decided to flip it over to see what the other side looked like:
This is what I expected to see when I turned to the article!  So I'm going to pretend that's what I found :)
I really like the picks from Forever 21 - earrings for $6.80?  Yes please! The only other item on the page that comes close to impressing me is the Minuet "Gold Sequin Vintage-Inspired Dress" for $92  It's classically styled and could get several season's uses.  I'm thinking that it will probably be too short, so I want to check it out.  It's hard to find though - I've spent a while searching online, can't come up with a website for it.  Hmmm?  (duh - I re-read it, it's at  I went to check it out, they don't have it anymore.  And the rest of their stock, let's just say hoochie-momma inappropriate.

The rest of the page communicates to me "a subtle shimmer in mono-chromatic tones is popular right now."  This I like.  What I don't like is that the pricepoint on everything else, purported to be "bargains" is so high!  The 2 pair of shoes are $98 & $99.  Yes, they are beautiful.  Yes, I would wear them if someone gave them to me.  I've only spent that kind of money on shoes that are comfortable. Durable. Versatile.

Which brings me to my next thought "how versatile are the items on this page?"  I don't want things that have only one use.  I don't want to maintain storage space for that type of wardrobe (or household for that matter!)  If it's a one-time shot, it's gotta be very inexpensive (like the Forever 21 earrings).  If it's gonna be expensive, I'd better be able to use it a lot.  Maybe everyday.

The White Belted Trousers from XOXO on the next page would fall into a category I'd call "investment pieces".  This is where I would put a little more money for wardrobe items that fit perfectly (or are high enough quality to have altered) and will last through many years.  I have several pair of pants and jeans that I spent $40-60 on that have lasted me 4 years with no sign of letting me down!

CAGED BIRDS NecklaceThere's another Forever 21 jewelry item on page 91 for only $5.80.  A good deal, but it reminds me that I've committed to purchase from local, small business and handmade artisans.  Which makes me do a quick search on etsy (purely for your benefit, mind you!)  I came up with a few options, but I thought this one was really cute!
Caged Birds Necklace by Twisted Vintage

And, then I realized that I would probably rather have something of quality, rather than the $5.80 chandelier earrings, so I looked again (OK, I admit, I'm a big fan of etsy!) I found these cute freshwater pearl earrings  but they don't have the sparkle (and they ship from Greece, which is cool, but not really local)
Freshwater Pearl Earrings, Vintage Wedding Jewelry, Silver Chandelier Earrings, Bridesmaid Jewelry

Freshwater Pearl Earrings

So I shopped again and found:
Wire wrapped chandelier earrings handmade yellow citrine and swarovski crystals

 earrings handmade yellow 
citrine and swarovski crystals

Rhinestone and Crystal Drop Earrings

Rhinestone and Crystal Drop Earrings

Chain Chandelier Earrings with Rhinestones

Chain Chandelier Earrings with Rhinestones

I have chosen a simpler lifestyle (although it's still not simple enough!)  Living with less doesn't mean that you have to be deprived, it just means that you are more selective.  The jewelry items that I have have been carefully selected, or are gifts.  I don't wear something just because it's trendy.  I don't own enough jewelry to fill my jewelry armoir, nor do I want to!

So anyway, that's my take on this article - I'll be back with more observations as I continue to blog my way through the People Magazine StyleWatch 2011-2012 edition!  Follow along!

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