Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Market Me: People Style Watch 2012 Cover

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The front cover is great!  The colors are good for when the magazine hits the newstand (Christmas season = red) and eye catching!  The headline is "476 HOT HOLIDAY LOOKS!" My initial response is "why HOT?" I think that word is overused and gets on my nerves (thanks Paris Hilton).  I don't like to be told that I look hot by anyone other than my husband.  Or sexy, but I digress.  Oh wait - there it is, on the left panel "sexy shoes" LOL.

I am impressed by the straightforward and beautiful picture of actress Ashley Greene (although I must confess I've not seen any of movies!).  The hairstyle is elegant and makes me think that I could achieve it at home.

I'm a little suspicious of the "Amazing finds under $100", since I'm thrifty and rarely spend more than $100 on anything!  But, it's balanced on the other side with "100 + great gifts (25 Under $25) as well as 50 easy (which to me reads inexpensive too) hair and makeup ideas.

As I open the magazine there is a beautiful 2 page spread for L'Oreal Voluminous False Fibre Lashes.  It's visually appealing with soft colors and a pop of black. There's a quote from the model, Gwen Stefani:
The more outrageous the better!
My first thought is "well that depends on what we're talking about!"  It is clear that here we are talking about eyes, and I wonder what we are telling ourselves about our eyes when we seek out products like this to get an "outrageous false lash look".  I don't have a problem with wearing makeup to enhance what God gave me.  I think that it is honoring to my husband to look put together (not that I always achieve that!)

When I think of false eyelashes, here's what comes to mind:

Drag Queens
Dress Up
Porn "Stars"

Fake, False, Made-Up, Artificial - certainly not terms that I would want to apply to myself, but when I see these ads all the time, I question my own beauty.

This ad (and others like it) says "You are not enough.  You need to get their attention.  You need to go outrageous.  You need to be fake."

It takes an act of my will to say "No thank you!  I am perfect just the way God created me.  I don't need to be outrageous with my eyes."

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