Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gold Canyon ScentMate Review

Gold Canyon's ScentMate

When I received my Consultant's kit in the Fall of 2010, this little contraption was included.  I didn't think that I would get much use out of it (I was more interested in the candles!)

Here's the "official" description:

"At the touch of a button, instantly transform your personal space with 'The World's Finest fragrance. No plug or flame required. A quiet, yet powerful fan streams long-lasting fragrance into the air. Includes personal fan diffuser and 3 ScentMate Pads." 
Scent Mate Dimensions: 4 L x 3 1/4 W x 2 3/4  
ScentMate Pads Material:  Each pad is made from cotton and designed exclusively for the ScentMate™ Personal Fan Diffuser  
I opened it up, scrounged around for some batteries and put some Pomegranate Home Fragrance Oil on the ScentMate Pad.  (actually, I WAY overdid the fragrance oil!  The instructions say to use 100 drops.  I recommend that you start with 15-20 and add more if you want a stronger fragrance throw!  Fortunately it comes with 3 pads, so I was able to trade it out!  LOL)

I was surprised at how powerful it was!  I put it on the piano in the living room and could smell it in all the surrounding rooms (With 20 drops of oil.  With 100 drops I could smell it at the curb outside!)  The other thing that was immediately noticed by the testosterone bearers of the house is that it was "cool".  It's a gadget.  It's black.  It's small.  It's got a button.  The button lights up!

I had promised my 2 older kids that I would order something especially for them (since they were very upset that I packed it all up every-time I had a party somewhere else!)  My oldest son chose the ScentMate with Clean Sheets oil (I would later find out that is one of the most popular fragrances for men!)

My husband wanted something for his desk at the office, so he took my ScentMate to try it out.  He likes the Fresh Orange scent (retired in Home Fragrance Oil, discounted and still available as of this writing), so that's what he took.  He was amazed at how many people commented that they smelled oranges, even when he had turned it off!

Needless to say, I had to order another ScentMate for myself.  I've taken to carrying it in my car, it makes a great instant freshener wherever I am.  I confess, I often use it in my car too!

If you use it non-stop (and who wouldn't want to?) I do recommend that you purchase a 3V power adapter or USB adapter so that you're not replacing the batteries all the time!  You can pick them up at Radio Shack or online at Amazon or E-Bay.

Another accessory that makes your ScentMate more valuable is the picture post:

I'm excited about the new addition coming in the Spring (January 15th) - ScentMate in BLUE!

UPDATED:  Gold Canyon just released an "Inside Scoop" video:

Disclosure: I am a Fragrance Consultant for Gold Canyon.  I do sell this Scent Mate product!

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