Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Market Me: People Style Watch 2010 TOC

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TOC - that's Table of Contents.  You know - they used to be right in the front of the magazine, so you could go right to the article for which you made your purchase in the first place?  Now it's on page 15, you have to wade through many pages of advertisements to find it.  This is great for the magazine, as I'm sure they charge top-dollar to the advertisers to guarantee that you'll put your finger on their page at least once!

Here's my run down of what I saw:
Ralph Lauren Romance:  A beautiful ad, heart warming and clean.  I like it!  I wish it had a sample though :)
Banana Republic: Fresh and clean, a beautiful ad.  The underlying message here: be classy!
Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome: seems to be trying to capitalize on Twilight fame - was Emma Watson in that movie?  No wait, she was in the Harry Potter movies, that might explain the dark violets.  I am actually more intrigued by the necklace that she is wearing LOL
Guess: You can always count on Guess to not make you guess about anything.  Their ads are always driven by sex, this one is no different.  Although the ad is for a nice bag, we have a model sprawled across abed or couch with hot pants and a too-small white blouse almost tied over a black bra.  This ad says "you need to be sexy. it's ok to wear your underwear where it can be seen.  If you carry our bag, you'll be sexy too."  No thank you!
Ann Taylor:  I like this ad.  Even though I'm not a big fan of Demi Moore and her movies, I like the way the ad is subtle and classy.  This ad says "you are elegant, and we honor your time by putting the details right on the page."
H&M: This is a clean and classy ad, although I do think the skirt is too short - it barely covers her hind-quarters!  It says "girlfriends are important - have fun with your mom and sisters. and be frugal!"  The price for one item is right there on the page.  I love that!
Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel: This ad is sultry, but not over the top.

Normally, I would have flipped right past all of those ads, and would have gotten an overall impression of "more makeup, perfume and stuff I don't need - where are the articles?"

Finally the Table of Contents! Well, sort of, because there are 2 full 2-page spread ads between the 2 pages of TOC.  I skim past all the offerings and decide to turn to page 86 - everything under $100.
Watch for more...

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