Monday, August 2, 2010

FREE Udder Covers Nursing Cover!

I am looking forward to nursing my 5th child when he or she arrives in January.  There are so many new and fun things now that make public nursing more comfortable.

When I was nursing my first child, 11 years ago, I was comfortable nursing in public, but worried that that little recieving blanket would be kicked right off!  I often tucked a corner into my bra strap for an extra measure of comfort!  With my last child, I decided to give one of the "nursing covers" a try.  WOW!  What a difference it made to have a secure nursing cover that allowed me to have eye contact with my baby!

I had given that cover away, as I thought that we were "done" (I'm learning that we may never be "done"!  LOL).  Right after I found out I was pregnant, I started to panic a little that we didn't have much baby stuff left!  We had sold or given away much of it, just a week before!  I was on one of my morning walks with my Father and He assured me that I would not have to purchase anything for this pregnancy or for this baby.  I'm still not quite sure how all of this will be accomplished, but I trust Him!  So far I've had plenty to wear with my existing wardrobe and a few things my mother-in-law bought for me at Goodwill and sent to me from her closet!  When I came across this coupon code, I thought "wow, something else for free!"
I chose the "Porter" Nursing Set

Which includes the nursing band bracelet and reusable nursing pads (can you say "GREEN"?  I knew you could!).  The extra best part?  The gift set is on sale for $37.00, so with the coupon for $32.00 off, it was just $5.00.  The shipping and handling was $9.95, so the total was $14.95.  I am reasoning the expense part as I will give part of it as a gift, so technically, the nursing cover is still free.  I feel comfortable with how that fits into the assurance that we wouldn't have to buy anything for this pregnancy or baby :)

So - here is the coupon code for you:

I have no idea how long it will last :)
This coupon came to me from my Planning Family membership, which was free.  The sign-up process was long, and they called with a follow-up which was even longer!  I wasn't sure this membership was going to be worth it; this coupon changed my mind!

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