Monday, July 26, 2010

The Less-Reluctant Homeschooler: Identifying Priorities

If you've been following my homeschool journey, then you know we've been making some changes.

One of the first things that I do whenever I'm in overload (and in need of a change) is make a list.  I'm a list kinda girl.  I don't always do what they tell me, but it's a great way for me to get down on paper what needs to be done and/or how it will be accomplished.

So, a new priority list was in order!  (Making the list is way more fun than following up on it!)

Here's what I came up with:
1. Spiritual Life
   a. Daily walk
   b. Church attendance

2. Family Life
   a. Meal time
   b. Home-keeping

3. Homeschool/Education
   a. Maintain an educational atmosphere
   b. Be consistent with chosen curriculum
   c. Karate classes
   d. Piano lessons for Jordan (at home)

4. Church
   a. Volunteering (Worship team, etc)
   b. Activities

5. Community
   a. Business events
   b. Karate Demos/events
   c. Cultural Arts Council
   d. CampSol
Like I said, follow-up isn't as much fun, and I'm a little stumped.  I've managed to take a second step,
Manage input:

1. Remove myself from e-mail lists, blogs, etc. that do not support my core focuses:
   a. From following 128 blogs to 24
   b. From 10 rss feeds to 0
I'd love to hear from you - what advice or suggestions do you have for what would come next?
In other news - I found a practically brand new green chalkboard at the CCA Thrift store in Lewisville.  It was only $6.50!

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