Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Free 8 Aprons Sewing Pattern eBook!

I just love aprons!  I feel so "June Cleaver" when I wear one!  It is also a very practical way to protect your clothes (especially when you are committed to living simply and having less!).

This great little eBook offers instructions for 8 different kinds of aprons - the possibilities are endless!  I especially like the "pillowcase apron".  It repurposes (hello? - that's what I'm all about!) a vintage pillowcase into a half apron with pockets.  This would be perfect, not only for the kitchen, but also for keeping your money and supplies handy when you do a tag sale (or a booth at a fair).  If the pillowcase isn't too delicate, you could use the completed apron to carry small household cleaning supplies (this is a suggestion just for you - you know I don't clean!  LOL)

This has me thinking I need to finish my "studio apron".  I've got all the supplies, and I think it's a great design (they always are when they're still in my head!) I just need to pull our the sewing machine and DO IT!

Thanks to Savings and Stewardship for passing this along!

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