Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tutorial: Get a "Shop" tab on your Facebook page

Create a shopping tab inside your Facebook account so your fans can shop without leaving Facebook!  This is great for Direct Sales consultants.

It will look like this when you are done:

First, you have to have a business page - this won't work on personal pages.

Go to this page from Woobox.
Set up your Woobox account and link with your Facebook account.

When you set up your tab, use the following settings:
Enable Timeline
Page Source: URL (enter the url of your website)
Here's a snapshot of my settings:
You can choose to set a "fan gate", meaning that they have to be a fan before they can see it.  I chose to leave this off - no sense in stopping the shopping!

You can also rename the tab and use your own tab icon.  
You will need to create or locate an icon that is the correct size:.  Here is a cheat sheet that is handy:
Click to view larger, from Xploring Minds

To change the button, click on the little pencil that shows up when you float over the box, then choose edit settings and follow those instructions.

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