Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A tale of 3 consultants... Which one are YOU?

Summer Sally

Hi, I’m Summer Sally. I’ve been a consultant for a few years. This year I decided to take the summer off and have fun with my kids. I mean they are only young once…RIGHT? I have 2 kids and boy did we have an AWESOME summer. I didn’t miss a single game or practice of Johnnies!!! I was there to cheer him on every soccer kick of the way. While I was at practice one of the mom’s saw the cute designs on my digits and asked if I was a Jamberry Nails consultant. I told her yes but I was taking the summer off. Did she want me to call her in September? She said NO. Oh well. We had so much fun during the soccer season.

Over the summer months, I took my kids to the pool, the beach, the zoo, the movies, and park. We had so much fun. I did get a reminder email from my director of the upcoming team meetings. But I was just too busy to fit those in my schedule. I was so busy having fun that I never thought of how it would impact my Jamberry business…. UNTIL September. I didn’t submit a SINGLE party in JUNE, JULY, or AUGUST. I thought that in September everybody would be calling me to book a demo ~ you know ~ new catalog and all. But September rolled around and I realized I was back at zero and considered inactive. And now all those people I thought wanted to do September demos to show of the new designs - well, two of them are no longer interested because they didn’t hear from me, and one gal found another consultant to do her party and I’ve even left a lot of messages. AND, remember that gal from soccer who asked me if I was a consultant? YEP…She became a consultant with someone ELSE!

Back to school shopping wasn’t much fun as I didn’t have any EXTRA FUN money to spend on the kids.

WE had an AWESOME SUMMER….But boy did my business suffer….

What could I have done differently????

Hit or Miss Molly

Hi, I’m Hit or Miss Molly. Let me tell you a little about me! I’ve been a Consultant for about a year. I work a full time job and I have two awesome nieces with whom I do a lot of things. This summer I decided to have fun with them and if my Jamberry business had activity GREAT…if not…it’d be okay. I’d pick it up in September.

So this summer I worked Monday-Friday. I took off some days to take my nieces to the pool and beach. I planned activities with my husband. We were so busy. I had a demo on my June calendar. But I called her 2 days before our party and she said she hadn’t invited anyone because she hadn’t heard from me. She thought I would have called her earlier in the month.… I mean I was busy with my job, nieces and my hubby. I meant to call her. So she cancelled her party. I tried to talk her into a collecting some catalog order; but she was upset with me and said "no".

In July my director sent me a reminder that I needed to submit some sales or risk going inactive. So my best friend Molly pulled together some orders so I didn’t go inactive. PHEW! In July my nieces and I had so much fun. We went to Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, the beach, I played hooky one day and we got pedicures!!! I’m really quite the COOL AUNT!

In August, I was much too busy to book any parties. I assumed in September I’d get my business back on track. But boy I had no idea the impact of not working my business would take!

I started making calls and got TONS of NO’s; I wanted to quit. But I remembered my director saying that after the NO’s the YESES start coming. So I kept calling. I learned that if I had worked my business during the summer; that some of those NO’s would have been yeses. And that PHONE wouldn’t have been so heavy. MY calendar and bank account would have LOOKED a lot better. I missed all those travel points by not turning is sales and I was really hoping to go on that Caribbean Cruise Jamberry is offering. I had a great summer; but next year things will be different!

Planning Patty
Hi~ I’m Planning Patty headed to a promotion and Minneapolis!!!! OH YEAH!!! Let me share a little about me with you! I am a domestic diva with 3 children, 2 dogs, and a husband! I’ve been a consultant for a little over a year. I have set goals in my business.
Before summer arrived I planned a meeting with my director to map out my summer goals! We had a great lunch, I learned TONS and it’s a tax write off!!! Cha–ching!

After our meeting, I went home and looked at my calendar. I knew it was important to fill in all the dates. Mark all the dates I could do demos and all the family obligations. And yes…I color-coded all of them! I shared my goals with my husband and we sat down and shared them with the kids. I explained to them I would not make every practice this summer, but I would try to make every game. (I had already marked them off on my calendar) I also told them that some mornings I needed office time to work my business. That if they played nicely together that after that we would go to the pool or library. I told them we had family trips planned and a few day camps for them as well. They were super excited about the summer.

My first goal was to schedule 6-8 demos a month. I wanted to work 2 days/nights a week. I already had June booked from my April and May parties and July was also getting full. When you are working your business and are in front of people it is much easier to fill your calendar! I shared my goals with my party attendees; telling that I had planned activities for the kids and my Jamberry schedule. That I only had a few dates left!

The baseball practices and the few games I couldn't make; I scheduled the grandparents to help out or I hired their favorite sitter. I found they liked having a different audience to watch them play!

My summer sales rocked and I earned tons of commission and travel points for that Caribbean Cruise. I attended the 3-day Conference in Salt Lake City and learned all kinds of ideas for building my business. I was recognized for my sales and my team building. Everyone wanted to know what I did to have such high sales and to be growing a team.

It’s quite simple you see. Let me share it with you! I made a plan and set some goals. I shared them with my family, friends and party attendees. I had fun this summer. I was able to hang with my kids and build a business. I taught my children about working towards a goal. I’ve added points to earn a FREE Caribbean Cruise for two with Jamberry Nails. I’m getting ready to promote up the ranks of leadership. All it takes is a plan!!!!

Who will you be this summer??????

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