Monday, May 27, 2013

Jamberry Nails Opportunity Information Calls (free drink alert!)

As you may already know, what started as a fun way to spend time with my daughter has turned into a full-time income producing career!  I get paid to have cute nails and help other people (just. like. you.) do the same.  I'll buy you an adult beverage, soda or cup of coffee if you'll let me tell you my story!

This 15 minute call is great for:

  • Stay at home moms (like me!) wanting to make a little fun money to be able to take the kids to McDonald's for playdates...
  • Working moms who need to bring in extra income on a flexible schedule that works around their other responsibilities...
  • College students who don't want the bore of a regular old job, you want to party, might as well make money doing it!
  • Direct sales hobbyists / kit-nappers who have tried lots of other opportunities and are a little jaded...
  • Direct sales enthusiasts who are a little bored with their current business...
  • Anyone who is new to their area and needs a way to meet new people...
  • Anyone who is known as the go-to-diva...
  • Anyone who has fingernails... (hey - there are a few JamMen - I want a male Jamberry Nails consultant on MY team!)
This call is not great for:
  • People opposed to having cute nails
  • People opposed to making friends
  • People opposed to making more money

So, if you fit one of the first categories, you can either email me, call me at 469-583-4604 or make an appointment in my live calendar here: and choose "consultation"  (It shows a 30 minute time slot - that's OK, the call won't take that long!)  If you are in the DFW Metroplex area, we can meet in person and I'll buy you a drink.  If you are not local, I'll buy you a gift card.  It's win-win!

On the call, I'll share my story, you'll share your needs, and we'll see if you are a good fit for Jamberry Nails, and if Jamberry Nails is a good fit for you!  

If you want more information after that, I'll be happy to send you some additional resources, like the Jamberry Nails Compensation Plan, Jamberry Nails Sales Rewards, Policies and Procedures, Estimated Earnings Potential, Hostess Rewards Benefits (information on how to get your kit for half-price), The Fast Start Rewards program (information on how to get your kit for free with performance-based rebate) and a link to the Jamberry Nails Vistaprint affiliate site so you can see the business cards, posters and other materials that are customizable with your information!

About Jamberry Nails:
Jamberry Nail shields are easy to apply at home, with just the heat from a hair dryer and pressure from your fingers. They are long-lasting and affordable. As a busy mom of 5, on a budget, I cut out trips to the salon a long time ago! Now, for the first time in nearly 10 years, I have pretty nails! Join the Nail Revolution!

Our nail wraps are available in over 300 designs, including the most sought after types:
animal prints, checkerboard, silver chrome metallic finish, french tips, floral nail art, striped nail art and more!

Gone are the days of nails that chip and flake after only a few days! Gone are the days of mani/pedis that take all afternoon and most of your cash, too! Jamberry Nails arm you with style and confidence, while demanding very little of your time or money. 

Jamberry Nail appliques are a great alternative to fingernail polish, incoco, sally henson, minx, nail art pens, or stamping nail art.

Noel Giger Independent Director Proud GLOW Girls Team Leader  469.583.4604

If you like my signature, visit to create your own.  My team members can take advantage of discounted rates!  I also get my cell service for FREE!  Visit for information!

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