Tuesday, June 11, 2013

104 days of summer vacation...

Lord Jesus help me!  My kids are driving my crazy!
actual transcript:
Calvin: Get out
Gavin: help
Calvin: get out
Gavin: help
Calvin to Jordan: let go of him!
Gavin: I can deal with her!
Gavin: Ah!  Help!
Jordan: I did that on purpose.
Gavin: maniacal laugh
Gavin: Oh!  Help! Help - Calvin help!!!
Jordan: that's not yours!  let go of it!  It's mine!  It's not yours!  LET GO OF IT!
Calvin: don't try to rip it out of my hands
Gavin: Help!
Jordan: Gavin, you're being such a little brat right now.
Calvin to Jordan: You're being more of a brat
Jordan: slams bathroom door
Aaron: Yay!  Yeah yeah blah! (he's 2)
Volume on TV increases noticeably
Jordan: begins practicing piano
 Day 3 of summer vacation.  I'm going to need a lot more Valium. or Vodka.  or both...

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